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Get to know us...

  • What's the deal with CanTune and Reliable Tuning?
    Martin and the team at Reliable are the OGs of the tuning game. We identified a big void and need in Canada. Shipping costs were making it unfavourable for Canadians to shop across the border, currency exchange gives people the heebie-jeebies and then the duty costs that trickle in for weeks to come is troubling. Reliable Tuning cares about Canadians and me being one and a big fan of the sport made for a great partnership... Here we are - now, Canada "can tune"! - see what I did there :)
  • Are you really Canadian owned and operated?
    Yup! born in raised in Montreal, Quebec! Currently living in the GTA with ties to every province, nook and cranny across this beautiful country.
  • Do you offer group / club purchases?
    The answer is yes. 100% 3 is a crowd and thats where our volume discounts start so get your closest buddies, neighbours and cottage friends together and hit me up!
  • Are you hiring?
    Hiring? well I mean, I'm not offering a 9-5 with benefits but if you're looking to collaborate in one way of another.. then yes - hit me up! let's chat.
  • Do you sponsor Riders?
    Do I? no. Would I? sure. Let me know a little about yourself and what you can bring to the team. Send me an email with your Social Media handles, some pictures of your ride, credentials and information about your riding track record, affiliations and recognitions. We'll review the submission and get back to you.
  • Are your inlays licensed by Sea-Doo
    Our inlays are semi-permanent pieces of vinyl that are cut to be strategically places inside the OEM Sea-Doo Spark body lines. These are not an officially licensed SEA-DOO part; in fact, they are not a product offered by Sea-Doo or their affiliates. I just happen to think they look sweet and quite frankly, I was getting sick of seeing people paint their inlays...
  • Do you make your own exhausts?
    I personally do not. However, I am very good friends with the gentleman that does. 30 years experience in building military equipment paired with extreme knowledge in manufacturing makes for the perfect remedy when putting in the work for the research, design and development of our exhausts. Popeye Exhausts are gonna make a splash! We didn't cut a single corner! Stay Tuned.
  • Are your deck washers Canadian Made?
    100% locally sourced and made; in fact, they're made right down the road from our house and they're amazing. We know the chinese ones look good too but I prefer knowing they'll stand the test of time; not to mention, we're proud to support local Canadian manufacturing. We priced them just right for our Canadian neighbours - and quite frankly our european ones too, and carribean and yes, the USA! Everyone wants to get their hands on these little 304 Stainless Steel rockets.
  • Do you offer Installation and Service?
    Yes we do. Drop us a line with what you're looking for and we'll be sure to set up some time for a 1:1 chat.
  • If I have a question... will you help me?
    What kind of a question is that? Dude, there is nothing I love more than to be "that guy" - the chances are that if I don't know the answer... I know someone who does, so... if you need help - Hit me up!
  • My Doo is under warranty still. What can I do?
    Well for starters, you likely found us because you've maxed out your machine's potential and the you're looking for more thrill... So, you could either sell it and upgrade or you can send it. If your Doo is still under warranty, you can still flash a performance tune, just understand that Sea-Doo can see a higher RPM being recorded over time. Our team will be upfront with every tune we send and make sure it's safe. Your job is to enjoy it! We do offer a warranty safe tune for 300 models, check out our shop for more information!
  • Will my dealership notice a tune?
    Yes and no. Your dealership will not be able to detect any tune unless they decide to analyze your RPM history. Your dealership will notice that your machine runs in an RPM range that is higher than the factory-limited RPM. Because your dealership is analyzing your RPM history, returning your machine to stock will do nothing. If you are concerned about your dealership noticing a tune while you are under warranty, check out our Warranty Warrior tune! This tune essentially maximizes your machine’s performance while remaining within the factory RPM limits. In other words, our Warranty Warrior tune is undetectable!
  • Other companies advertise higher top speeds. Why?
    Performance tunes work off of a safety margin. The lower the safety margin, the higher the speed/performance. The lower the safety margin, the greater risk for engine damage. CanTune and Reliable Tuning works off of a greater safety margin; We are riders too, being out of commission sucks! We believe keeping your machine healthy and reliable is everything!
  • Will I notice a difference with a tune?
    Absolutely! Tunes are not just speed limiter deletes. There is a lot that goes into performance tuning that fine “tunes” the parameters from Sea-Doo’s original programming. Riders can expect smoother, yet more rapid acceleration and throttle response. This is guaranteed on every tune. Supercharged machines are guaranteed to pick up top-speed over stock.
  • How are your tunes designed and tested?
    Now we might be techy but we also love getting our hands dirty! Reliable’s tunes are designed from real-world testing. We do not use dynamometers or hypothetical algorythms; our tunes are based off of actual water testing and are then refined for use in all environments. We're kind of nerds like that - and the chicks dig it!
  • Why do I have to pay for a security deposit?
    There is no tricky business... the security deposit is a $425 CAD fully refundable deposit that will be returned to you once CanTune receives the flasher kit back in the condition that you received it in. The security deposit will not be returned to you if any of the CanTune flasher hardware is damaged; this includes water damage, broken screen or abuse.
  • Why is there a $75CAD rental fee?
    The remote tuning option is a very cost effective way to spread our services across Canada. This keeps the cost low for you and keeps our units circulating around the globe.. (seriously, they go everywhere!).
  • How long do I have to wait for delivery?
    Timing varies. Our goal is to send it out as soon as possible; We ship in-stock kits within 24 hours. Most kits are sent via FedEx or Canada Post Priority (1-3 Days), but other shipping methods can be used if a kit is needed by a specific day for an additional cost.
  • How long do I have to tune my Doo?
    You have the unit for 48 hours. We rarely see our customers wait that long - It's an exciting time so we give you a respectful window of opportunity to get to know our tuner kit, use it and then send it back.
  • I can barely use a computer; will I be able to flash my Doo?
    Absolutely! The process itself is very simple and it is almost impossible for you to mess anything up. Remembe - We can always host a prescheduled video call and remotely connect to the flasher and assist you during the entire process.
  • How can I get my tune installed?
    We offer 3 easy ways to get your machine tuned. 1) We come to you if you live in the GTA or surrounding areas we offer on-site tuning in your spot of choice. Note that starting Spring 2021 we will be hosting test and tune events weekly for our local followers and customers to come by, hang out, get tuned and ride! 2) We can rent and ship you the tuning kit; you receive it and follow the easy instructions to tune it yourself and then ship the kit back. 3) You can mail your ECU to us and we can tune it in our facilities and send back to you.
  • What do I need to flash your tunes?
    Not a degree in computer science! But you will need: - Access to your Doo and - A Wi-Fi connection - That's it! Sources of Wi-Fi can include: - Home/Work Router - Mobile Phone hotspot
  • Word on the street is thay you’ll help flash my machine remotely?
    Yes! With an agreed upon time, we will remotely connect to the flasher and assist with flashing your machine.
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