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GO EXTRA! Send more power to your 60HP or 90HP Spark; This 110HP tune is aslightly dialed back version of our more popular 120HP tune, it is tried, tested and true by our Reliable Tuning partners in the USA; It will provide morea respinsive pull and is compatible with all Spark models and trims.


What is DIY? Our DIY option is our most popular and conveinent remote tuning option; no need to take your unit to a shop or ship your ECU out. Simply plug the provided kit into your OEM diagnostic port in a wifi enabled area and our tuners will dial in and guide you through the process... in the comfort of your own location.

Fact, Cantune will provide a pre-paid shipping label for you to easily return the tuning kit... no worries!

Deposit: The $425 deposit (and any applicable taxes) are promplty refunded to you once the kit arrives back to CanTune. Overtime fees of 10$ per day may be applied if the kit is not returned.


We can flash your Spark from either 60 HP or 90 HP to 110 HP without any extra modifications; while maintaining fuel efficiency and engine reliability.


This tune can run on regular octane pump gasoline but 91-93 is recommended for optimizing performance.


With this tune, you will experience the following:


Increased acceleration

Increased throttle response & less throttle lag

Higher RPM limit

Sport mode is added (If not previously enabled)

Performance Recommendations:

Minimum octane rating is 91. This tune will run on 87 but we do not recommend it.12/14 impeller (not required). We have Solas impellers available for purchase here.


PriceFrom C$389.99
  • DIY Flasher Kit Rental

    Shipping Info:
    This product is fulfilled by CanTune Canadian Tuning. In stock items get shipped within 24 hours - NOTE: There is currently a slight delay in fullfillment of all rental kits due to an overwhelming volume of orders; Once ordered you will be placed in the queue and notified of your tracking information accordingly.

    Rental Kit Information:
    CanTune Reliable Flashing Kit

    This kit is required for flashing your Sea-Doo, and is included in this package.

    The CanTune Reliable Flashing Kit contains all the software and hardware required to flash your Doo. A Wi-Fi connection (or a Wi-Fi hotspot from your mobile phone) is required.

    With remote assistance from Reliable Tuning, the kit has full diagnostic capabilities with options such as:

    DESS Key Reprogramming (if applicable)
    Reset Maintenance Reminders
    Reset Cluster/Dash Security Coding
    View RPM Profile and History
    View and Clear Engine Codes and much more!
    Why do I need to rent this?
    This rental kit is required to flash your machine. With every tune sold, we remotely connect and flash your Sea-Doo for you, on your own time!

    How long can I keep this?
    Once your rental kit arrives, the machine(s) must be flashed and the kit dropped off with the carrier within 48 hours. This ensures that we can accommodate other customers in a timely fashion. Exceptions can be made with prior arrangements.
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