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Q: My Seadoo won't go faster than 5km/hr help!?A: You need a Sea Doo Spark Wear Ring (Part Number 267000925)Our Delrin Wear rings are more durable than OEM! Fabricated with stronger “like steel” materials means they won’t break unless absolutely necessary!


Get the strength of steel without the risk of locking up. We love these rings and depend on them in all our builds. Replacing this wear ring is a common maintenance function. The wear ring becomes damaged from normal use or picking up debris in the lakes; it's common. This may cause cavitation or a vibration when the clearance between the impeller and the wear ring get beyond factory specifications. Canadian summers are short, waiting for parts sucks! Stock up now while supplies last. *Price does not include the pump seal Maximum 4 per customer.

Seadoo Spark - Wear Ring

SKU: CT267000925
PriceFrom C$69.99
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